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Unlocking Koshi

A few days ago, I described an interview during which I had to sit in a chair with my feet on the ground and my back straight. See Locked Koshi. I wrote:

"With my feet planted on the floor and my back straight against the back of the chair, my rear end was also firmly planted on the seat of the chair. This effectively "locked" my koshi."
In this position, I found that I could not use my koshi. One solution was to raise my feet off the ground. I have found another solution -- to raise my rear end off the seat.

It is as if our two feet and rear end are the three points of a triangle. When all three points are fixed, it is impossible or at least very difficult to use the koshi. But if one, two, or all three points are not fixed, then the koshi can be used very easily. Actually, to me, it seems that it is easiest to generate power with any two points fixed and one point free.

You might wonder how all three points could be free (aside from standing on your hands). All three points are free when you hop off the ground.

I am still working on this. It seems that if you can find out what locks koshi -- makes it difficult to use it -- you can also discover what facilitates or unlocks it.


Charles C. Goodin