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Rubber Sai

People are always sending me funny martial arts film clips (there certainly is no shortage of these on the internet). But I find humor in little things. I see advertisements all the time for rubber sai. Now that really gets me.

If you are not old enough to practice with "real" sai, then why practice with rubber sai? There is no rush.

The way we practice sai in our dojo, I suspect that a pair of rubber sai would be more dangerous than real sai. We tend to "whip" the sai and a rubber pair might snap out of control.

My favorite sai are the old iron, blacksmith made ones. The iron has a gritty texture, unlike the modern chromed varieties. The older ones also tend to have no wrapping around the grip or handle. Again, the iron provides a nice, gritty grip.

The only thing that gets me more than rubber sai is belt racks (for your old belts). Now don't get me going on belts.

Respectfully (in good humor),

Charles C. Goodin