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Not Needing Anything

One of the nice things about teaching Karate is that we do not need any special equipment -- we can teach in any open room. We do not need mats (like Judo and Aikido), weapons (like Kendo), or protective equipment. We can do very well in any open room.

I have taught on cement, tile, and carpeted floors and currently use a matted room for my Monday evening class. We can train on any type of floor.

Of course, it would be ideal to have a nice wooden floor and a high ceiling. But we cannot pick and choose where we will have to defend ourselves either.

Karate can also be taught outdoors. I personally do not like this, as I prefer to teach in a more private area.

A Karate Sensei carries everything he needs to teach inside himself. Nothing else is needed -- except the students.


Charles C. Goodin