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The other night, my first Shorin-Ryu Sensei mentioned that he thought that I had improved. I readily agree, but not because I thought that I was any better.

I said, "I think that I must be improving because I am beginning to understand things you told me twenty-five or thirty years ago!"

Some of the things I learned as a new student are only beginning to make sense to me now. My Sensei might have told me the same thing many times. He told me and I missed it. This happened over and over. But thank goodness that he did not give up.

When we teach, our students do not necessarily understand right away. It might take years or even decades for things to become clear or to reveal themselves.

I mentioned this to my friend and senior who learned in Okinawa in the early 1960s. He said the same thing. Even now, well over 40 years after he learned, he will realize things that his Sensei had taught him long ago.

When this happens to me, I am always filled with a sense of gratitude to my Sensei.


Charles C. Goodin