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Finding A Sensei -- Part 10

All good things must come to an end, and this series too must finish -- so I can write about other things. I hope that I have made the point that finding a Sensei is an incredibly important matter -- one worthy of your time, effort, and careful consideration.

My wife posted a list a sayings on our refrigerator. Over the years, she has reprinted it and posted it again and again. The first saying is that 90% of your happiness in life comes from finding the right spouse. 90%!

I think that the same is true in Karate life. Finding the right Sensei is 90% of your happiness as a student. The right Sensei will do much more than properly teach you techniques, kata, kumite, and body dynamics -- he or she will set you on a lifelong path of Karate training and introspection.

The opposite, sadly, is also true. The wrong Sensei will bring nothing but disappointment and grief.

I will tell you something I have observed in my studies. Excellent Sensei tend to have had excellent Sensei themselves.

Good luck to you. I hope that you find an outstanding Sensei!


Charles C. Goodin