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U.S. 1944 Report: Karate

Here is another excerpt from page 19 of a U.S. report on Okinawa from 1944. It is one of the very early references to "Karate" in English.


The Okinawas of the Loo Choo Islands
A Japanese Minority Group

Okinawan Studies
No. 3
R & A No. 1567

Office of Strategic Services
Research and Analysis Branch
Honolulu, Hawaii
June 1, 1944

"Karate: One result of this deprivation of warlike implements by the Satsumas, it is claimed, is the development among these people of hand-fighting or karate ("bare-handedness"), a custom brought from China and adopted, later, by Japan itself. Jiu-jitsu, it is said, is part of karate."
Earlier on the same page, it was stated that:
"Some authors explain this absence of arms as being due to the Satsumas who in 1609 took over the islands and deprived the inhabitants of all means of warfare."

Charles C. Goodin