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Two Teachers, Two Styles

Sometimes a new student will ask whether he can study with me and another Karate instructor at the same time. I generally discourage this.

New students should concentrate on learning one style well. It is not so much that the techniques and kata of different styles are different -- it is that the mechanics and principles of movement are different. Two instructors will usually contradict each other, attempt to correct the other's "errors," and generally confuse the student.

Once a student reaches a certain level -- say nidan or sandan -- it is much easier for him to reconcile two different styles. Then, cross-training can be very valuable.

I studied two styles of Karate and five different martial arts aside from Karate. I feel that this background helps me to better understand Shorin-Ryu. However, I studied these arts at mostly different times. I would not encourage a new student to study more than one style of Karate.

It is best to learn one thing well before attempting another.


Charles C. Goodin