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Try Your Best In School

This is directed to school students. Karate is something you should do after you have done your homework and prepared all your school assignments. School is much more important than Karate training.

If you fall behind in school, your parents might make you miss Karate. Then you will fall behind in Karate too. It is hard to catch up in anything once you fall behind.

I have never heard of parents getting mad because their children did well in school. Just the opposite is usually true. When my children did well in school, I was much more likely to allow them to pursue extracurricular activities, go to movies, buy things, etc. I used to tell my second son, in particular, that if he did well in school, I would give him "slack."

The same is true in work. Good workers usually get more leeway than poor workers. Good workers get the bonuses, are given more flexibility, and are more likely to be retained when business gets hard and some employees have to be let go.

If children can learn to work hard in school, they will probably become better workers as adults.

Karate training is important, but school is more important. In fact, doing well in school should be considered part of Karate training. If you have to miss Karate training in order to do homework, doing your homework is Karate training. There is always time to practice Karate at home.


Charles C. Goodin