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Sometimes we hear about four letter words, meaning curse words. Of course, curse words have no place in the dojo. However, there is one four letter word that I particularly dislike: LAZY.

When we teach Karate, we try our very best to help students to learn and improve. We try to teach by our example, and by providing step by step guidance. Teaching is not easy.

All the effort is more than worthwhile when a student tries his or her best. But it is frustrating when a student does not try. I understand that sometimes students can be exhausted from a long day of school or work. This is exhaustion, not laziness.

If a student dislikes Karate training, he or she should try another activity. Karate is not the only extracurricular activity or form of self-defense.

If you practice Karate, you should give it your best effort. You should try your best at whatever you do. The payment for Karate is not the monthly tuition, but rather your hard work (including practicing at home). The harder you try, the harder your instructor will try to teach you.


Charles C. Goodin