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Finding A Sensei -- Part 6

We're making progress. We are getting closer to understanding how to find a Sensei.

But stop for a moment and answer this question:

If you find the right Sensei, are you willing to be a good student?

You might have only one chance in your life to find the right Sensei. Don't use up that chance unless you are serious.

Someone told me this story. A Karate student (an older man) met with a senior Sensei. It was obvious that the Sensei was a great person, martial artist, and teacher. But the student already had a Sensei. Changing Sensei was not easy. In fact, it was rarely done. Both the student and the great Sensei he met realized this. What could be done?

Finally, the student said, "perhaps in the next life I will be your student."

My point is that Karate training is a very serious matter that requires a great deal of commitment. It is not easy to change Sensei. If you find a good Sensei, make sure that you are willing and able to make the necessary commitment of time and effort to be a good student. Otherwise, don't start now. Do something else for a while. Wait until you can make the necessary commitment.


Charles C. Goodin