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Finding A Sensei -- Part 4

Back to character for a moment. If I lived in a town with a Judo Sensei with a good character and a Karate Sensei with a poor character, I would learn Judo.

Or I would drive to a city where a Karate Sensei with a good character taught.

My point is that the character of the Sensei is more important than the particular martial art he or she teaches. At the advanced stages, the martial arts overlap quite a bit. They are not as different as a new student might think.

I recently heard about a student who drove two hours each way to train with a Karate Sensei. In Hawaii, that would be pretty far! But many of us will even fly to distant parts of the world to train with our sensei. A friend of mine lives in Eastern Europe and visits his Sensei in Okinawa each year.

I know of many students who make considerable sacrifices to train with their Sensei. A fine Sensei makes it more than worth it!


Charles C. Goodin