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Top Karate Reseacher -- Guess Who?

I can say with confidence that one of the top Karate researchers and writers in the world is right here in Hawaii. Can you guess who it is?

Sensei Harry Cook, his wife, son and daughter, and several students, are visiting our islands. I met them on Tuesday evening at the dojo of my good friend, Professor Kimo Ferreira. I had the pleasure of observing Professor Ferreira and Cook Sensei conduct class. Cook Sensei taught an impressive combination of Shotokan and Goju-Ryu techniques -- including lots of headbutts. Professor Ferreira demonstrated Kempo Jutsu knife techniques that still have my head spinning.

If all goes well, Cook Sensei and his students will visit our Hikari Dojo on Monday evening. For my students, please don't miss this opportunity.


Charles C. Goodin