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Karate-Do No Kokoroe

I want to give readers advanced warning that there will be an excellent article in the next issue of Classical Fighting Arts. Before you think... what a conceited writer... I did not write the article. In a way, the article was written by Chosin (Choshin) Chibana, who penned a calligraphy. After his death, his wife gave it to his student, Sensei Pat Nakata.

Nakata Sensei kept the calligraphy tucked away for decades. One day he showed it to me and I said, "what does it say?" He explained that it was Karate-Do No Kokore, essentially the heart of Karate. I asked Nataka Sensei to translate and provide commentary on this unpublished treasure.

As if that were not enough, at about the same time I was contacted my an 80 year old gentleman who lives here in Hawaii. He had lived and worked in Okinawa for many years and, in fact, trained under Chibana Sensei. He asked me if I could like some photographs!

To accompany Karate-Do Kokoroe (the calligraphy itself, translation, and commentary), we will publish a complete photo sequence of Chibana Sensei performing Naihanchi Shodan. It was photographed in the back of a grass roofed building adjoining his home in Torihori... in 1952. Many of the later photographs of Chibana Sensei show him after he had become ill. These photographs show him in his mid-sixties, the prime years of a master.

Whether you subscribe to Classical Fighting Arts or purchase it at a bookstore or newsstand, please don't miss the next issue. I've read the article at least 10 times, and learn something every time. For those of us who were not fortunate enough to learn from Chibana Sensei, I'm glad that we have the opportunity to learn from his words (and kata).


Charles C. Goodin