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If Can Can... Again

On July 22nd, I wrote a post entitled If Can Can... At that time, there was a water main break that prevented us from using our facility for Karate class. Today, there was another water main break -- the third in a short time.

But the saying still applies. If can can, if cannot cannot.

Tonight we cannot use our facility, but that is not the end of the world. We are very fortunate to have such a large and convenient place to train.

We only started training on Monday evenings this month. Since then, we have missed a couple of classes.

One good thing is that I now how more time on Saturdays. My wife commented that our yard is getting very nice since I have more time on weekends to tend to it. I must have been doing a poor job before if the difference is so noticeable.

We should try our best at whatever we do, and not let little inconveniences get in our way. We should always keep a positive attitude and use occassional breaks in training to rest or do something else productive.

If cannot do one thing, do something else.


Charles C. Goodin