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Constant Improvement -- Videos

My sensei, Professor Katsuhiko Shinzato, is very kind to allow himself to be filmed by his students. You can see several film clips of him at:


When I pointed out the above film clips to him, he mentioned that he felt a little uncomfortable about them because he felt that his technique had improved since then. Honestly, I think that he would feel the same if the video had been taken yesterday -- he would feel that he has improved since then too!

One of the things I have noticed about my sensei is that he is constantly seeking to improve himself. He is never content or satisfied. For students, it can be hard to keep up with him because he never keeps still. He will experiment with techniques. Sometimes he will vary the movement of a kata and have us practice it for a while. Then he might change it again, or even change it back.

I am confident that my sensei will be seeking to improve himself every day of his life. While he is an instructor -- one of the finest I have ever had the good fortune to meet -- he is first and foremost a student of Karate. He improves himself by constant training. He has never allowed himself to merely teach -- even when he teaches he trains as hard or harder than his students. And he is 67 years old.

He considers the aging process to be a challenge and is seeking the optimum body dynamics and techniques to allow him to vigorously train for his entire life.

We should never be content with what we did yesterday. We must seek constant improvement.

Still, I would be happy to be able to perform like my sensei did yesterday... or even ten years ago!


Charles C. Goodin