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After almost 10 years, my dojo training schedule is changing from Wednesdays/Saturdays to Mondays/Wednesdays. Family events and commitments, and travel, made it increasing difficult for me to teach on Saturdays.

When I discussed this will my family, my second son mentioned that he had not had a free Saturday (except on holidays) for 15 years. He has trained with me from the age of 5, at another dojo before we opened our Hikari Dojo. He has given up of part of his Saturdays for 3/4ths of his life.

When I discussed this with my friend, who is an Aikido Sensei, he mentioned that he has not had a free Saturday (except for holidays) for 34 years! That's 34 years!

Of course, we teach because we love the art, whether it is Karate, Aikido, or other arts. But we also have to consider the time commitment not only that we make, but that our family makes, as do our students and their families.

I am still a practicing attorney. One day, when I retire, I hope to be able to teach three or four times each week. Ideally, I would also like to teach bojutsu as a separate class. But until that day, I will do my best, now on Monday and Wednesday evenings.


Charles C. Goodin