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Never Underestimate An Attacker

Being a martial artist, it is possible to fall into the trap of overconfidence -- thinking that our skills will make us superior to an attacker. It is important to avoid this and, in fact, to think just the opposite. We must ask ourself:

Is the attacker alone? Does he have friends that we can see, or not see?

Is the attacker armed? Does he have a concealed knife or gun. Is he holding a bottle or glass in his hand?

Is the attacker skilled in a martial art, street fighting, boxing, etc.?

Is the attacker drunk, drugged, or deranged?
Even an unskilled attacker can get in a lucky punch. It will be difficult for us to defend ourselves if we are injured and impossible if we are unconscious.

We have to take every attacker seriously and consider all our options. What is the best escape route? Are there any potential weapons in the area? Can we get help from someone?

Never underestimate an attacker. Be prepared in case there is more than one -- the one you don't see might hit you in back of the head with a brick! And don't get carried away. Look for the earliest opportunity to get away from the conflict.


Charles C. Goodin