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Guest Post: Ping-Pong Anyone?

This Guest Post is by Dexter Chun, a sandan and instructor in the Hikari Dojo. Dexter is an elementary school teacher and an avid golfer.

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From Ping-Pong to Karate, I believe it is never too early to focus on learning a physical activity. As a school teacher, I notice a difference between students who are physically active and those that are not involved in sports activities. There are various opportunities for children to participate in individual or team sports. I feel that children receive positive benefits from almost any physical activity that is of interest to them.

Tennis is valuable in promoting improved eye-hand coordination. Basketball helps to produce increased self-esteem. Dance encourages creative expression. Karate helps build physical and mental discipline. I believe sports, dance, and martial arts are all positive steps that help an individual reach one’s goals.

I feel fortunate to have participated in Ping-Pong Competitions, Hip-Hop Dance Performances and Golf Tournaments, which have improved my skills in Karate. And in turn, Karate is helping me to accomplish my personal goals in other sports activities and in everyday life.

Dexter Chun