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Throwing Without A Gi

My last post was about Throwing Techniques. You might have wondered, "how do you throw if the attacker is not wearing a gi, coat, or other form of clothing?" In Hawaii, we often wear t-shirts. Some people wear no shirts at all, particularly at the beach.

My friend and mentor, Sensei Pat Nakata, wondered the same thing when he trained with Choshin Chibana in Okinawa in the 1960s. In fact, Nakata Sensei asked Chibana Sensei about this, to which Chibana Sensei typically replied, "you attack."

Nakata Sensei complied. Chibana Sensei responded by blocking Nakata Sensei's attack, and then grabbed Nakata Sensei's ear and side of the neck, which substituted for the lapel of a Judo gi. Chibana Sensei then easily threw Nakata Sensei by the ear and neck!

Nakata Sensei was kind enough to demonstrate this on me. It definitely worked!

There are many body parts that can substitute for a gi: ear, side of the neck, eye socket, hair, nose, mouth, groin, etc. And it is easy to throw after a joint lock has been applied.

Clothes can also be used to put the attacker at a disadvantage. For example, a coat or shirt can be pulled over the attacker's head, or a belt can be grabbed.

As I wrote previously, old style Karate did not have the safety constraints of modern Judo. Karate never was, and in my opinion, can never be a sport. It is a brutal form of self defense used as a last resort only.


Charles C. Goodin