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Showering Before Class

I try to take a shower before each class. I like to say that we should sweat clean.

It is easy for me to shower before my Saturday class. But on Wednesdays, I teach in the evenings after work. I thus try to go home before class so that I will have the time to shower and even take a short nap.

Some students cannot shower before class. But even they can go to the restroom to wash their face, hands, and even their feet. It is very hot in Hawaii and we must try our best not to offend other students by being dirty or stinky.

Your gi should be washed after each and every use. Do not wear a gi twice without washing it. A sweaty gi can get moldy and certainly very stinky. I like to wear a lightweight gi (50% cotton and 50% polyester), again because it is so hot in Hawaii. Also, I do not like to hear gi snapping. Heavyweight gi tend to snap and make noise. Trying to snap teaches the wrong form and is irritating.

If you can snap while wearning a short sleeve T-shirt, then that is good (unless you are hitting your body)!

Always keep your body clean. There is nothing worse than pairing off with someone only to find that your arm now stinks! OK, there are worse things, but it is pretty bad. Cleanliness is an aspect of courtesy.


Charles C. Goodin