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Live Close to the Dojo

When I was a student of Sensei Sadao Yoshioka, I already taught Karate (poorly, I must admit). I was a college student and had taught Karate in high school and also taught classes during college. Yoshioka Sensei lived in Pauoa and taught at the Nuuanu YMCA, which was right down the hill. He used to joke that he could almost coast in his car from his house to the dojo.

Yoshioka Sensei told me that it is a good idea for your dojo to be close to home. That way, you don't waste so much time driving -- you can spend the extra time training. I thought that this was excellent advice.

Many years after Yoshioka Sensei passed away, I opened a dojo at Halawa District Park. The dojo is across the freeway from my house. I can actually see it from my front door. When I look at the dojo from my house, I often think about Yoshioka Sensei and his advice... and his old blue car.


Charles C. Goodin