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Koshi, Hula, And Golf

In my dojo we practice the multi-angular, rotational use of the koshi. This is a characteristic of the Kishaba Juku form of Shorin-Ryu that we practice under Sensei Katsuhiko Shinzato.

One thing I have noticed is that women who have practiced hula (the ancient Hawaiian art of dance), have a much easier time learning the basics of koshi. This should make sense, since they also wave (use) their hips in their art.

American men generally have a difficult time learning to relax and use their hips. Of all the athletes I have taught, the ones who seem to grasp the concept of koshi motion best are the golfers. They also use their hips when they swing their clubs. One of the instructors in my dojo is an avid golfer. I hope that he will soon write a blog about golf and koshi.

Koshi is the root of all movement in Karate. At the advanced level, it is difficult or impossible to see the koshi motion -- but it is still there. A minimized spiral appears to become a straight line.

Karate is kata. Kata is movement. Movement is koshi.


Charles C. Goodin