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In my dojo, students are not permitted to wear any jewelry during training. One reason for this is that Karate training is austere. Jewelry has no place in the dojo.

But the main reason is safety. Jewelry can become caught in a gi or hair. Earrings can be torn off ripping the ear. A ring can get caught injuring a finger.

Of course, a necklace can be broken. But a pendant can create a serious puncture wound.

Take a crucifix, for example. If it is turned on end (with a point facing the chest), a punch could drive it into the body. During training, the body twists and turns. Pendants can flip around in many positions. One could even fly off and injure a student's eye.

I am disappointed when I see a student in other dojo wearing jewelry. To say the least, I am shocked to see instructors doing so. I am sorry to say that I see this pretty often.

Personally, I have given up wearing a wedding ring and watch. It became a hassle to take them off at class. I used to worry about leaving them in my bag. It is easy to check the time on a cellular phone.

Please leave your jewelry at home.


Charles C. Goodin