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If Can Can...

There is a saying in Hawaii:

"If can can, if cannot cannot."

I think that this may be an old Japanese saying. It was popular with the issei (first generation) and nisei (second generation) Japanese in Hawaii.

If you can do something, fine... do it. Try your best.

If you cannot do something, worrying about it or complaining won't help. Get over it and move on. Don't waste your energy crying over spilt milk. There are other worthwhile things you can do.

Once in a while we cannot use our training room. If the gym is closed, we cannot use it. Recently, the gym was closed because of a water pipe break. No sense complaining about it. Do something else. Practice at home.

Once in a while we might have to use a different training room that might not be a desireable as our normal room. Don't complain. Do you think the room or place will be nice if someone attacks you? You have to do your best wherever you are. Make the best of whatever room we use. We should be grateful to have a place to train.

Some people can find a million reasons not to do something. Other people will not let a million things prevent them from doing what they want or need to do.

If can can, if cannot cannot. If cannot, do something else that is worthwhile.


Charles C. Goodin