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Henry Seishiro Okazaki Photo

Here is a group photo of Sensei Henry Seishiro Okazaki. It states that this is a Dai Nippon Butokukai Hawaii Division gathering. You can see a larger version here. It is believed that this photo was taken at the Kotohira Jinsha Temple in Kalihi.

Do you recognize anyone in the photo? Okazaki Sensei is seated in the second row, second from the left.

Okazaki Sensei was one of the leading Ju Jitsu/Judo instructors in Hawaii. Originally from Hilo, he taught there, and then on Maui before moving to Honolulu. Okazaki Sensei's dojo was open to students of any race. This photo shows Caucasian students and possibly guests from Japan.

The photo was donated to the Hawaii Karate Museum by Ms. Constance Day who found it in Massachusetts.


Charles C. Goodin