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Correcting Assistants

Often, I will have two assistants working with groups that are close to each other. Rarely, one assistant might try to correct the other. In this case, a junior should not correct a senior. Period.

If the junior has a question, he should ask it privately -- not in front of the group as this would undermine the leader of that group.

A senior can always correct a junior, but should do so tactfully. Sometimes it is best to correct the junior privately.

If a senior is teaching a group and temporarily steps away, a junior leader of another group should not step in, and certainly should not correct something that the senior taught. This would be a breach of courtesy and protocol.

Seniority in the dojo is not determined by age (unless the students are the same rank and were promoted at the same time). Seniority is based on time in training in the dojo (with few exceptions).

It is important to understand these rules to maintain order and harmony in the dojo. Also, if we learn these rules, we are better prepared to act courteously when seniors from other dojo visit us.


Charles C. Goodin