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Calm In An Emergency

One of the traits of a Karate student is that he or she will be able to remain calm and focused in an emergency.

You might have seen people who become extremely emotional and frightened in an emergency. Their hearts race and they are unable to focus their attention. They might become hysterical or even pass out from fright or panic.

A Karate student will not just look calm -- his or her heart rate and breathing rate will remain normal or close to normal. He or she will will be able to focus on the task at hand, whether that means rescuing others, saving property, or even fleeing from the danger. At such times, a Karate student might seem to acquire superhuman strength, but it is really just a matter of focus and determination.

In Karate, we prepare for an unexpected attack. If Karate, must be used as a last resort, we are prepared to do so in a calm and focused manner. Even emotions like anger and rage must be under our control lest we become swept up by the situation.

If we are capable to using Karate for self defense, we will also be able to remain calm and focused in an emergency. In many ways, this is an even more important benefit of Karate training.


Charles C. Goodin