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Beware Of Knives

My first Karate instructor was Florentino S. Pancipanci. He had learned Kenpo Karate under Professor Marino Tiwanak at CHA-3 Kenpo. By the time I started to train with him, Mr. Pancipanci had his own organization. He taught Kenpo Karate, Escrima, Tai Chi, and Gung Fu.

Mr. Pancipanci (we called him "Mr." in class), was Filipino. Actually, I thought that Karate was a Filipino art at first! I trained under him at Hickam Air Force Base and occassionally went to advanced training at Schofield Barracks.

One of the things Mr. Pancipanci always said was that you had to watch out for people carrying knives. He said that knives could easily be concealed. When a person brushed their hair back or reached for their back pocket or pants leg, you had to be prepared for a knife attack.

Knife fighting and defense are taught in Filipino martial arts such as Escrima and Kali. We used to practice Knife Arts (defense sets) in Kenpo Karate.

No matter how skilled you are, you have to be on the watch for concealed weapons. With a quick motion, an attacker can sever an artery or stab several times. Even if you are bigger, stronger, and more skilled, a knife, razor blade, or other sharp object can reverse the equation.

We used to practice using folding chairs and even umbrellas to defend against weapons attacks. You need to be ready to use anything available.

Never be over confident. Always be on guard for possible knife attacks.


Charles C. Goodin