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Active Assisting

When you are asked to teach, you must not forget that you are in the dojo to train. Don't teach by talking only. You should do the techniques or kata with the students. Sometimes you need to stand and watch the students so that you can correct them. However, you teach best by your example.

I have been to dojo where the sensei or assistants seemed to only give instructions. "Do this kata. Do this drill." They did nothing themselves. At the end of class, their gi were still dry!

I have also been to dojo where the sensei, irrespective of age or gender, trained harder than anyone else. That is how we should try to be.

Leading a class is like making a charcoal fire. You have to fan the coals until they catch on fire and start to glow. The sensei fans the coals by setting the example for the students -- not by talking. We teach by moving (and explaining).

Also, if you don't actively train, you will get out of shape. Use every opportunity to train yourself, even if it is while you teach beginners.


Charles C. Goodin