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Too Tired

I used to be an assistant at another dojo. One of the students was a young girl who I think was in elementary school. She was a very nice girl, and had Karate potential, but she always seemed so tired. I thought that she might be bored with Karate or just did not want to try hard.

So one day I asked her why she was so tired. This was at a Tuesday evening training at 6 p.m. She explained that she had gone to school that day, and afterward had already gone to soccer and iceskating practice before coming to Karate. No wonder she was so tired!

Parents, it is hard enough for children to do well in school. You must give them time to do their homework and also to relax and have some fun. If you enroll them in too many activities, they won't be able to enjoy themselves and may become fatigued or even ill. Eventually, their school may suffer.

Karate should not be a child's third or fourth activity. It is too physically and mentally demanding, and also requires practice at home between training sessions.

It is better to do one or two things well than several things poorly.


Charles C. Goodin