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Returning Student

Today a student who had been away from the dojo for a couple of years, returned to class. I am always very happy to see former students. Honestly, I often wonder how my former students are doing.

To be honest, most returning students do not stay for very long. It is very hard to find the time for Karate. There is work, family, and a million other things. So a returning student must have a strong kiai and the determinat to try their very best to practice and attend class regularly.

As a sensei, I want to teach a returning student as much as possible, but I also realize that it is important to give him or her time to readjust to the class and get back in shape. So it is best to take things slowly.

I will mention another thing I consider with returing students. I consider how they quit. Did they show the proper courtesies or just stop coming to class? If they had to stop training because of work, school, moving, health, or other reasons, I will always tell them that they are welcome to return to the class. But if they just disappeared, I will be less receptive. A student who just disappears tends to do the same thing over and over again.

For returning students, try your very best!


Charles C. Goodin