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Guest Post: Clean Up Your Room

This Guest Post is by David Takahashi, a nidan and assistant instructor in the Hikari Dojo. David's wife and three of his children also practice with him in the dojo.

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The other day I told my kids to clean up their rooms. There were books and some clothes in places other than where they belonged. I began to think about how easy it is for them to leave something in a “temporary” spot only to have to remember to go back and pick it up again or worse, be reminded by Mom or Dad.

When I was their ages, I acted similarly. My room often remained a mess until Mom came in to get me to clean it up, many times requiring more than one telling and a couple of “yellings.” Since living on my own after graduating from high school and going to college on the mainland, I finally realized the value of cleaning up right away: I ran out of clean utensils and clothes! I made it a point to keep my room organized and today I find that extremely necessary in trying to raise four children.

But one of the things I noticed about having a messy room is that it came from having an unorganized life in general. My room reflected more of the condition of my heart than whether I really had no time to put things away or whether I was really that tired. And when my heart is in chaos, how can I hope to do anything well?

On the other hand, being organized allows me to find the time to do what I need to do whether it is working in the yard, helping my children with their school work, or practicing my karate. Being disciplined has helped me tremendously in staying focused when it’s time to work hard and not feeling guilty when I am having fun with my children.

As we get older, we will get busier and busier. Responsibilities will increase and time will seem to be more and more precious. The only way we will effectively fulfill our duties and enjoy life at the same time is to be organized. I love practicing karate, but I can only do it if I use my time wisely by getting my heart in order.

So, what does your room look like today?

David Takahashi