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Bo Case

When carrying bo to and from the dojo, it is best to put the bo in a case (canvas or other material). This is not only to protect the bo, but to conceal it and attract less attention.

The same is true of all weapons used in Kobudo. They should either be carried in a case or completely contained in a carrying bag. Weapons should not be exposed in public.

From time to time, I see children walking to their Karate classes wearing their gi (and belts) and carrying bo on their shoulders. This is not appropriate. It can invite confrontation by low minded people.

You should check the laws in your area to make sure that certain weapons such as nunchaku and tekko can be used in your area. Laws of some jurisdictions restrict such weapons. In Hawaii, for example, I believe that tekko are illegal because they are the equivalent of brass knuckles. Dirks and daggers are also illegal. Again, you should check the laws in your area.


Charles C. Goodin