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I teach children as well as adults. One of the things I often tell children is that they should not say "yeah."

When answering their sensei or seniors, they should say, "yes, Sensei." They should not say "yeah."

The same is true when they address their parents and teachers at school. They should say, "yes, mom," or "yes, dad."

If a child says "yeah" to me, I just look at them and they usually quickly correct themself. The others students also give them a look indicating that they have spoken inappropriately. Children are quick to follow positive examples set by their peers.

This may seem like a little thing. But Karate is more than blocking and punching. Students must also be aware of their speech and their interaction with others. Are they acting politely? Are they being considerate? Are they aware of how they appear to others?

Over the years, many parents have told me that they noticed a positive change in their children. Many also asked me to keep up this emphasis.


Charles C. Goodin