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Teaching By Example

As sensei, we try our best to teach our students. More than any other way, and all other ways combined, we teach by our example. Students never "do as we say" -- they "do as we do."

Students do not only emulate our techniques and body dynamics, they also learn by how we act, how we handle problems, how we express ourselves, etc.

If we are drunken in public, they learn.

If we curse in public, they learn.

If we are violent and easily angered, they learn.

If we are egotistical and petty, they learn.

If we are dishonest, they learn.

If we are jealous of others, they learn.

If we talk behind others' back, they learn.

If we let ourselves get out of shape, they learn.

On the other hand, if we apply our Karate training in daily life, and are as demanding of ourselves as we are of our students, they learn from that too.

In short, we teach by our example and should try our very best to make that example the very best it can be.


Charles C. Goodin