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Sensei Mas Oyama

Shihan Bobby Lowe was already a long time Kenpo and martial arts student when Sensei Mas Oyama visited Hawaii in the early 1950s. Apparently, Oyama Sensei did not demonstrate Karate during his first visit. At that time, he was passing through Hawaii on a tour to the mainland where he was wrestling under the name of "Mas Togo."

I am not sure whether it was on the first visit or a later one, but Shihan Lowe told me that Oyama Sensei did something that really impressed him. I was very curious to know what this could have been. Can you guess?

Oyama Sensei bent a quarter in half!

I have heard from several people that Oyama Sensei was tremendously strong. I certainly wish that I could find that quarter for the Hawaii Karate Museum!

Shihan Lowe is one of the most senior Karate sensei in Hawaii. I admire him very much. He is a very humble man but is looked up to by a million people or more in the Kyokushin system worldwide. He often travels internationally to conduct seminars.

He is also a noted writer. His book "Mas Oyama's Karate As Practiced in Japan" sold over a million copies. I think he sold more Karate books than all other Karate authors in Hawaii combined.

Shihan Lowe is truly an exemplar for aspiring Karate students and teachers.

By the way, I tried to bend a quarter but no luck so far.


Charles C. Goodin