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Professor Walter Godin

I am sometimes asked if I am related to Professor Walter Godin (1937-2001). Professor Godin learned Kenpo Karate from Joe Emperado and William K. S. Chow.

My last name is "Goodin." Actually, long ago it was spelled "Goodwyne." I am not related to Professor Godin.

However, I can see the possibility for confusion. In high school, I had a Kenpo school which I called "Goodin's Kenpo Karate." I did not know about Professor Godin at that time.

Later and still today, people will ask me, "is Walter your father or uncle?" Now I know who they mean. But I actually did have an uncle Walter who lived in Florida, so you can imagine how confusing it could get.

My good friend Professor Kimo Ferreira learned from -- guess who? -- Professor Godin.

My family moved to Hawaii when I was in the 7th grade. My father was born in Georgia and raised in Florida. My mother was born and raised in Fukuoka, Japan. I was born in Massachussetts. My family on the Goodin side does not have any relatives in Hawaii.

So I am not related to Professor Godin or any Karate teachers in Hawaii.

But I have met a Charles Gooden here in Hawaii who is also a martial arts instructor. He is a muscular African American gentleman, who like me, also has a son named Charles. I do not think that we would be confused as I am somewhat pallid and definitely frail by comparison. How I wish that we could be confused!


Charles C. Goodin