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Karate And Race

Race does not matter at all in Karate training. What matters is how hard you train and how dilligently you explore the art.

I have met people who think that the best Karate instructors come from Japan... or Okinawa... or China... or some other place. It may be that many skilled teachers come from a particular country, but that is not an issue of race.

It is natural that there will be more instructors and more interest in the place where an art or sport originates. Students will naturally want to go to that place to study their roots. But that is just a place... not a race.

I am certain that there are many fine Karate instructors of Japanese ancestry. I am also certain that there are many millions of Japanese who have never practiced Karate. Being Japanese does not mean that you will be better or worse at Karate or any other activity. It might just mean -- depending on the circumstances -- that you might have greater access to Karate schools.

It is obviously easier to learn Karate in an area with many schools. I imagine that we might have the greatest concentration of martial arts schools, perhaps in the world, here in Hawaii.

But again, that is an issue of place, not race.

There is no color in Karate and the only race that counts is the human race.


Charles C. Goodin