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How Many Weapons?

I was learning knife techniques from my good friend and senior Professor Kimo Ferreira of the Kempo Jutsu-Kai. Kimo is a longtime supporter of the Hawaii Karate Museum and often visits, during which time he never fails to teach me some technique.

As I was standing with a dull training knife about to respond to Kimo's attack, he asked me, "how many weapons do you have?"

I quickly thought "one," after all, I only had one knife. But I thought a little deeper and said, "the knife, my other hand, my elbows, my knees, my feet, my hips, etc..."

Kimo smiled and agreed. Holding a knife, I should never forget that all the parts of my body are also potential weapons. One weapon should not limit the others.

And, of course, the knife itself has different aspects: the blade(s), the point, the butt.

I have learned a lot from my good friend Kimo.


Charles C. Goodin