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Historic Newspaper Articles

Last night at our Karate class, my second son, Charles, gave the lecture. He commented upon my post -- Attachment: Catching A Monkey. One of the ideas of that post is that it is hard to be unattached to something that you are holding onto.

Attachment can take many forms. On a gross level, we can be attached to material things such as cars and jewelry. We can also be attached to such things as rank and titles in Karate.

There is also another kind of attachment. We can even be attached to knowledge and history. Sometimes we feel "special" when we know more about a style or art. But this is just another form of attachment.

Taking my own advice, I have decided to "let go" of my Hawaii Karate research, specifically, all of the newspaper articles I found here in Hawaii before World War II. It took several years to locate these articles in personal collections, archives and microfilm. I was astounded by the sheer number of articles and advertisements. I suspect that more was published in Hawaii before WWII than in the rest of the world combined. I could be wrong. Please see for yourself at the following website:

Hawaii Karate Museum Newspaper Archive

This archive is an ongoing project. I will be gradually posting translations of the Japanese articles. I will also be adding articles as more are located.

If you enjoy this reference, please consider making a small donation to the Hawaii Karate Museum so that we can continue our work. Also, please do something kind for another person.

I hope that you enjoy the articles. As requested at the website, you are welcome to download and print the articles, but please do not host them elsewhere. Aside from that, I have opened my hand and withdrawn it from the jar. Thanks son.


Charles C. Goodin