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A Graduation

Tonight, I attended my eldest son Christopher's graduation from law school. He was born during my first semester at the same law school, 24 years ago.

I am very proud of my son. In addition to practicing Karate when he was younger, he is a very dedicated Kendo student (sandan). Just as I head a Karate dojo, he hopes to one day head a Kendo dojo. He was a member of Hawaii's team at the last World Kendo Tournament held in Scotland, and at the one held in California before that. He is very lucky to have fine Kendo Sensei: Dr. Noboru Akagi and Arnold Fukutomi, as well as many outstanding seniors in the dojo.

In Hawaii, many avid martial artists have fulltime jobs. Finding time to train and teach is always a challenge, but many sensei do just that, and unselfishly support the arts here.

I am also hopeful that my son might one day pursue the creation of a Hawaii Kendo Museum with his sensei.

Ganbatte Chris!


Charles C. Goodin