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I mentioned that I have asked the black belts in my dojo to prepare lectures based upon this blog. They can talk about any post made here, and then elaborate.

The results have been excellent. Each student has done very well and brought out things I had not thought of. This blog serves its function when it makes people think about the art. It certainly makes me think, especially about what I will write next!

In addition, it is good for black belts to practice speaking in front of the class. Our class begins and ends class in a circle, so the speaker can easily see all of the students. Public speaking is a very useful skill, not only in Karate but in school and work as well.

I will soon ask the non-black belts to also prepare lectures. Eventually, I will ask all my students to participate.

Last night, one of my students gave a talk and mentioned that he often felt that I was writing certain posts about him. See: Not About You. I always felt this way when my Aikido Sensei gave lectures. I think it is because we address subjects that are common to everyone and part of our daily lives. And in the end, isn't that what Karate is all about -- enhancing our daily lives?

Thank you very much to everyone who reads this blog and especially to everyone who has emailed me comments and sometimes corrections. I will continue to try my best.


Charles C. Goodin