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Bird Flu 2

What have you done to prepare for the bird flu? See: Are You Prepared For Bird Flu (H5N1 )?

One of the traits of a good Karate student is the ability to remain calm and focused in an emergency. This requires preparation.

If there was a disruption of services in your area, how long would your food and water supplies last?

In the last couple of weeks, I have asked several people if they have prepared for the bird flu and every one of them said that they had not. Hurricane season begins next month in Hawaii. Perhaps it would be a good idea to prepare an extra thorough hurricane kit this year. In normal years, some people prepare a three day supply of food, water, and essentials. For bird flu, I have heard that it is prudent to prepare a two week or even a one month supply (depending on to whom you speak).

If the bird flu does not arrive in your area, you can always eat the food.


Charles C. Goodin