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Stomping Your Feet

There are places in various kata where I used to stomp my feet. A good example is in Pinan Yondan after the third kick (right before the ura ken sequence).

When my sensei, Professor Katsuhiko Shinzato, saw me do this for the first time, he asked, "why are you putting your power in your foot rather than the ura ken?"

If you intend to step or stomp on the attacker's foot or leg (as in the Naihanchi kata), stomping makes sense. I was not stomping for this reason. I was stomping more like the foot stomp done in Kendo (fumi komi ashi). To tell the truth, I think that I thought that the stomp looked and sounded neat.

However, the dynamics of the Pinan Yondan sequence is more designed to focus the power of the body in the strike (ura ken). Stomping only slows you down and unnecessarily dissipates power. It also alerts the attacker of your location.

When the power should be transferred via your fist, don't waste it with a stomp.


Charles C. Goodin