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My wife is Filipino. Her father, who studied Kenpo Karate under Professor Marino Tiwanak, knew Raymond Tobosa, a noted Escrima professor. My father-in-law and Professor Tobosa used to see each other at Filipino cultural events.

One day, Professor Tobosa came to my wife's family's real estate office. My brother-in-law (who also studied Kenpo Karate, Shorin-Ryu, and Aikido) and I were there. The subject turned to martial arts and after describing what we studied, Professor Tobosa asked us to get a ruler and try to stab him.

I don't know about my brother-in-law, but I figured that it should be pretty easy to do -- after all... I studied Karate and Professor Tobosa was much older than us!

Well, no matter who I tried, Professor Tobasa would flip the ruler and the next thing I knew, he would be cutting me with the ruler. There was no way for me to cut him!

That was many years ago. Now I realize just how skilled Professor Tobosa was. I am sure that were he living today, I still could not cut him with a ruler or anything else for that matter. If I had a knife and saw him, I would throw it away and run in the opposite direction!

I have great respect for the Filipino martial arts and the great teachers, such as Professor Raymond Tobosa, who taught and teach the art here in Hawaii. We students of Karate can learn a lot from Escrima. In particular, I admire the speed and flowing movements of Ecrima. We should flow as well in Karate.


Charles C. Goodin