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The Chibana Project Blog

I would like to recommend an excellent blog for those readers with an interest in traditional Karate. The Chibana Project is a blog written by Terry Garrett, a student of my good friend and senior, Sensei Pat Nakata. Nakata Sensei is a direct student of Choshin Chibana, who in turn was a student of Anko Itosu. Chibana Sensei, in my opinion, was the leading instructor of his generation. When other instructors had questions about kata and their meaning, they would go to Chibana Sensei for the answers.

Terry has done an excellent job of documenting information about Chibana Sensei. Despite Chibana Sensei's importance, there is relatively little written about him. He appeared in the 1938 Karate-Do Taikan, but did not write a book himself. His legacy must be preserved by fine people like Nakata Sensei and his student, Terry Garrett.


Charles C. Goodin