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Blue Lightning - Prof. Rick Clark

Last Friday, I had the pleasure of meeting Professor Rick Clark, who braved a thunderstorm during his vacation in Honolulu to visit the Hawaii Karate Museum. Prof. Clark is the head of the Ao Denkou Kai and the author of Pressure Point Fighting: A Guide to the Secret Heart of Asian Martial Arts, and 75 Down Blocks: Refining Karate Technique, both of which are in our Rare Karate Book Collection. He has taught seminars worldwide.

I had a long talk with Professor Clark about pressure point applications in Karate kata. He kindly donated a copy of his 2004 two DVD set: The Pressure Points and Applications of Naihanchi I. I thoroughly enjoyed the DVDs and recommend them. If he taught a seminar in Hawaii, I would be the first to sign up!

I am fortunate to get to meet many senior martial artists. In addition to be extremely knowledgeable about his art, Prof. Clark was friendly, articulate, humorous, and humble. If you bumped into him on the street, you probably could not tell that he had a lifetime of experience in the martial arts. But as soon as he touched your hand or pressure points, you'd know for sure.

I was already a big fan of Prof. Clark's 75 Down Blocks. The Bible teaches that if you give a man a fish you feed him for a day, but if you teach him how to fish, you feed him for a lifetime. In a similar way, many Karate books teach techniques. 75 Down Block teaches you how to analyze kata using the down block as an example. It helps you to understand all kata. I joked with Prof. Clark that he should write books on other blocks or strikes. I hope that he does. I also hope that he makes more DVDs.

Prof. Clark is a rare martial artist -- as humble as he is skilled, and as articulate as he is soft spoken. He pushes all the right buttons -- pressure points, that is.

My thanks and respect go out to him.


Charles C. Goodin