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Blog Lecture Assignment

Tonight I gave an assignment to three of my senior students (Dexter, David and Charles). I asked them to read this Blog and be prepared to give a lecture in an upcoming class. They can select any topic discussed here and can expand upon it as they desire.

I will gradually ask more of my students to do the same.

I am hoping that this will not only encourage my students to read this Blog, but will also give them the opportunity to speak before the entire class. Public speaking is very difficult for some people. In fact, many are terrified of it. Addressing a class filled with fellow Karate students is a good way to practice public speaking.

I am an attorney by profession and have taught seminars to hundreds of real estate agents at a single event. I did not take speech in high school or college. What helped me most was my Karate training and teaching (I began to teach my own class at the age of 17). Addressing 300 professionals is not very different from lecturing 30 Karate students. Whenever I would begin to feel anxious or insecure when I taught a legal subject, I would remind myself that it was no different than lecturing in the dojo.

It is my hope that all of my students will become instructors -- all of them. I am specifically teaching them with that objective in mind. This Blog assignment is also directed toward that objective. Lecturing is an essential skill for a sensei.


Charles C. Goodin