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Anko Itosu Photo

In exciting news for Karate students and researchers worldwide, a photograph of Anko Itosu was discovered by Sensei Hiroshi Kinjo and donated to the Okinawan Prefecture. Please see the February 28, 2006 Okinawa Times newspaper article (in Japanese) describing this and Sensei Patrick McCarthy's and Yuriko McCarthy's English translation of the article entitled Photo of Itosu Ankoh is Found (in pdf format). The translation of the newspaper article appears at the Ryukyu Karate-jutsu Kokusai Kenkyukai (International Ryukyu Karate-Jutsu Research Society) website and is linked here with permission of Sensei Patrick McCarthy.

Kinjo Sensei, a student of Chomo Hanashiro (who in turn was a student of Anko Itosu), donated about 3,000 historic Karate items and books to the prefecture.

I would like to thank McCarthy Sensei for making the translation available.


Charles C. Goodin