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78 Year Old Sensei

On Monday, I started training in a new class which meets in the cafeteria of a nearby elementary school. The sensei is a 78 year old man.

I was so impressed by him. He was light on his feet, had good muscle tone, and had a great sense of humor. I should add that he had an excellent sense of rhythm.

He was one of the most fit sensei of his age that I have ever met!

The new class I am taking is ballroom dancing.

I am taking the class with my wife, my eldest son, and his fiance (they plan to marry next year). I think that there is something very healthy about ballroom dancing. Perhaps it is because it is low impact compared to Karate training. Perhaps the music is relaxing. I don't know. But I certainly hope that I am in as good shape as our 78 year old instructor!

Movement is movement. Our Karate dynamics can improve when we study any form of movement.


Charles C. Goodin